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Don’t Put Artillery Shells Up Your Butt!

You’d think it wouldn’t need saying – don’t put artillery projectiles up your bum -but apparently, as a recent case has demonstrated, it does!


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The “Gay” Bomb; Yes…Really…

The “Gay” Bomb; Yes…Really…

The US military once considered developing a weapon to turn its enemies homosexual on the dubious grounds of they wouldn’t then fight.

Rare WW1 Torpedo Boat On Display This July

Rare WW1 Torpedo Boat On Display This July

For those with an interest in one of the more esoteric parts of naval history, the 2019 Thames Traditional Boat Festival which runs from 19-21 July at Fawley Meadows, Henley-on-Thames, will have on display CMB9, a unique surviving torpedo boat from the First World War.

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