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The FMA Pucará; Argentine Guerilla Hunter

The FMA Pucará IA 58 counter insurgency aircraft is a plane that seems to have both missed its window and fallen foul of international politics.



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Belgian Beauties; The Renard Fighters

Belgian Beauties; The Renard Fighters

It isn’t well remembered that before WW2 a Belgian designer, Alfred Renard,, developed a series of fighter aircraft that had huge potential.

Boeing 818 TFX; The Actual Aardvark?

Boeing 818 TFX; The Actual Aardvark?

The 818 was Boeing’s entry into the TFX competition for a new USAF bomber and interceptor for the Navy. Despite winning, it was not built.

The F-16/79 “Failcon” Export Fighter

The F-16/79 “Failcon” Export Fighter

When President Carter banned the export of top-end American fighters in 1977, it left a gap in the market. The F-16/79 was built to fill it.

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The Martin Baker MB.5? Westland Wendover? Some of the aircraft here have just faded into history. Some were good planes that just came at the wrong time and so are now barely remembered. And some are just so utterly weird it boggles the mind as to what the designers were thinking!


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