Dr. Felton has written numerous books (which I’ll have to get around to reading and reviewing someday) but for general interest you can’t go wrong with trawling through his YouTube Channel – Mark Felton Productions.

In short, you’ll find a mass of short, extremely informative and fascinating videos on military history subjects. Dr. Felton gives a clear concise narration, accompanied with archival film or pictures to give a brief overview of the subject in hand.

The videos tend to be focused – understandable considering the short length and format – but contain an excellent explanation of the piece of history being discussed. Most cover World War Two subjects – though a host of diverse subjects are covered up to the modern day – and I have yet to view one which didn’t improve my knowledge, even if I thought I knew about the particular subject before watching.

Considering that these are short videos that really is quite remarkable!

Additionally the channel posts regularly, quite often several vidoes a week, so you can always find a new and interesting subject material.

A few examples of the sort of subjects covered:





And, for people interested in more modern stuff:



How highly do I rate Mark Felton Productions? I have something of vision of how I would like Military Matters and its related YouTube channel to look and function, as well as the sort of material that I would like to write about and feature. Unfortunately, Dr. Felton is already doing just that, and to a much higher standard than I think I would achieve.

I suppose I could be frustrated by that. But I’m simply impressed…and waiting for his next video to release.

So if you are into military history, whether a keen amateur or dedicated academic, check out Mark Felton Productions. There will be something on there that you find interesting.

Author Bio:

Ed Nash has spent years travelling around the world and, on occasion, interfering as he sees fit. He has taught English in remote Indian schools, nearly been struck by lightning on horseback in the mountains of Lesotho and worked with ethnic minorities in Burma. Between June 2015 and July 2016 he volunteered with the Kurdish YPG in its battle against ISIS in Syria. His book on his experiences there, Desert Sniper, was published by Little, Brown in September, 2018.